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Marilyn Freeman

What Do You Think?

Out think your thinking and close down negative thoughts.

We all know the benefits of practising ‘positive thinking’. But why do certain issues still ‘press our buttons’ and send our thinking into a negative spin?

How do we close-down the ‘negative voice’ whispering in our mind? How do we maximise our positivity, our confidence and poise, all of which are vital when we’re competing in a speech contest, presenting to our peers, or being quizzed in a job interview.

“What Do You Think” is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming material and is a not-to-be-missed, interactive session where we learn how we can ‘out-think’ our thinking!

Marilyn Freeman, DTM, is a lover of speaking and presenting, as an events manager and Toastmaster of 22 years. She was a contestant at the 2017 International Convention (third place in the semi-final!), a District Governor and is constantly involved in developing leadership training programs.

Today Marilyn is a qualified trainer, has studied NLP at entry level, and wards off “old age” by practising yoga, meditation, singing and reading.

Now her focus is not just communication and leadership, but also our thinking..  because it underpins everything we say and do!


Kate Norris

Personal Storytelling.

Find, construct and tell your best stories from your life.

We’re always telling stories. On dates, at work, and in our speeches.

Audiences engage most with speakers they know, like and trust. The fastest way to build this emotional connection is through personal stories.

In this session, learn to find, construct and tell the best stories from your life.

This workshop is full of practical tips and strategies that can be applied to speeches, dates, and conversation, which allows for entertaining, authentic, and thoughtful experiences to be shared.

Be prepared to work on and share your own stories and come out with a new level of confidence and inspiration.

Kate Norris, DTM is the co-founder and producer of Life Out Loud Storytelling, a live storytelling show (in Brisbane and Townsville) that brings storytellers from all backgrounds and levels of experience to the stage to share true stories from their lives.

In her business life, she teaches data storytelling to technical professionals such as analysts, engineers and accountants, to communicate with influence.

She’s been a member of Toastmasters since 2009, is a current member of two clubs, and somehow has never filled the SAA role.

She lives on the bayside of Brisbane with her kids (2) and husband (1), and spends an irritating amount of time pushing her cats off her keyboard.


Katrina Roberts

Find Your Voice.

Releasing the body and breath.

Do you have a voice that people want to listen to?

Designed for both amateur and experienced speakers, Katrina will share tips and tricks designed to release your natural voice.

In this interactive session, work through a series of exercises to help you integrate posture and breath to support a rich and flexible speaking voice.

Walk away with a new understanding of voice work, and a voice primed to realise its full potential.

Katrina Roberts is a professional, qualified voice and speech coach.

As ‘Simply Speech’, Katrina works with individuals and corporate groups teaching effective voice, speech and communication skills. Her clients include industry leaders, podcasters, actors and other professional voice users. She is also a voiceover artist and adjudicator of speech and drama.

Katrina has been a Toastmaster for nearly 10 years, and currently serves as President of Leading Edge Advanced Club and Vice-President of Education for Waterloo Bay.

Brisbane-born and raised, Katrina enjoys spending time with her three cats, dog and husband (occasionally).


Robert Green

Emotional Intelligence.

Strategies to manage emotions in conversation.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

This session will help you understand the impact of emotions on conversation, the families of emotions, and strategies to manage emotions in conversation.

What you as an audience member can expect to learn? Understand conflict dynamics, the triggers for emotional responses and strategies for how to tailor your message to meet your audience needs.

Robert also spent many years as a skilling manager where he developed training programs in both technical and people skills, leading to Robert writing the Executive Skills program (ESP) developed initially to support debt collection staff manage conflict. It is the concepts from the Emotional Intelligence module of the ESP that Robert’s educational will be based on.

Robert Green, DTM first joined Toastmasters in Western Division in 1994 and within 3 meetings was elected VPE of his club.

He has served as an Area Governor and Division Governor and Division Director as well as many District support roles before joining the District leadership team as Club Growth director 3 months after the initial outbreak of Covid.

Robert then took on the role of District 69 Director in which he currently serves the clubs across Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and far northern NSW.

Outside of Toastmasters, Robert is a voracious reader with towers of books awaiting his attention when he has more time. Robert gets creative as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, painting, and knitting.

Professionally Robert re-entered the workforce early in 2022 working as a complaints co-ordinator for a major Australia telecommunications company. Robert has previously worked as a Senior manager in the federal public service, at one time managing over 800 staff. 


Thomas Krafft

Social Impact.

Make Your Club Look Great on Facebook.

Is Facebook for your club completely overwhelming?

There’s so much information out there about complex social media strategies and it’s hard to separate the overkill from the need-to-have.

Thomas’ business relies heavily on effective social media marketing, and he has taken those years and too-many-dollars worth of skill and knowledge building to apply the same principles to his Toastmasters clubs.

This session is a back-to-basics discussion on how to attract guests, build credibility and grow your club’s impact online, whether it’s Toastmasters or any community organisation.

Thomas Krafft, DTM, was made SAA of his Toastmasters club on his 18th birthday.

He had turned up to every meeting for over a year with his dad, and could finally join as a member.

Now, 12 years later and about to hit another milestone birthday (we won’t disclose which one), he’s filled many more roles, up to Eastern Division Director.

He runs a business teaching presentation skills to professionals, helping them communicate their knowledge simply and effectively.

Thomas lives in Brisbane where, as a keen environmentalist, he volunteers much of his time cleaning up the ocean and local waterways.