Ticket Information and FAQ's

What's Included With Each Ticket

The tickets for purchase through Eventbrite are across the top. The inclusions are down the left. Hope it helps you choose!

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What Are The Inclusions?

Full Ticket: Early Bird

Wanna get in to the full Saturday and Sunday Program, and Saturday Nights Gala Dinner? Well, this is the fella for you. 

Four contest finals, two mouthwatering morning teas, two lavish lunches, two appetising afternoon teas, one grand Gala Dinner, killer keynotes and brilliant breakouts.

How much would you expect to pay? $300?

Yes, actually. Unless you pay before 1 February, 2024.

You will only pay $250. That’s a saving of 16.66666%!

Be thrifty, save fifty! Buy Early Bird.

Friday Night

The calm before the storm.

This will be a totally rad social evening. Catch up with old friends and make new buddies with other tragics. Full cash bar available!

Saturday Night Gala

A once-in-a-century event! Ten decades in the making!

The Saturday evening is always a banging event. A fancy dinner (and bottomless drinks for VIPs), a keynote speaker, and big celebration of our centenary of Toastmasters. Plus, a dancefloor and beats, baby!

Souvenir Program

"I was there! I have the program to prove it"

This will be a glossy, high quality booklet to keep! Filled with a century of memories, full agenda, and space for your own observations and inspiration. This will be a collectors item to remember the time by.

Tragics Pack

Definition: Tragic (noun): “Someone who is intensely interested or absorbed in a topic” 

You know who you are!

A curated collection of items to titillate all senses and create the mood of District Conference for yourself long into the future. Also includes the Souvenir Program and quality carry bag.

VIP Package

All packages are created equal, but some packages are more equal than others.

Includes the Souvenir Program + Tragics Pack + 5 raffle tickets + bottomless drinks on Saturday night + priority seating + photo opportunity with the Chief Judge.

Q's for your FA's

I just want to go to conference and have a good time, what should I buy?

The most common approach is to buy a full registration - of course that is best value with the early bird discount.

Friday night is a casual social drinks event with other Toastmaster-tragics. Saturday night will be a gala celebration of a centenary of Toastmasters. If you'd like to be social and mingle with people, Friday Night is a common add-on for a full registration.

We also strongly recommend the Tragics Pack, it will include the Souvenir Program; a high-quality booklet that will tie the conference together, and be worth holding onto long afterwards!

Can I bring a plus-one along to just the Saturday Night Gala Dinner?

Yes, absolutely. At any time you can simply add a "Saturday Night" to your ticket order. This will give them access to just the night, without the requirement to attend the rest of the Toastmaster-y events during the day. Your plus-one need not be a member to enjoy the night with us.

Is there a payment plan available?

No, sorry. Our ticketing service requires full payment, but can be paid with credit card.

Will there be a Monday excursion?

Yes, there will be, but we don't know exactly what just yet. The team are busy researching. We will update details as we book in that event.